What Qualities are Important in Love?

Solo episode time! This week, we focus on love, but not so much the romantic love with red and pink hearts for Valentine’s Day. This is more about healing loves from the past. We all have that person somewhere in our history whose energy needs to be let go from our lives!

Today’s episode is a short clip from my 5-part video course entitled Love, available for on demand download here.

In this episode, you will receive:

-a meditation to lead you into a healing place with your Guides and Source;

-the 4 great qualities of soul love with a partner from the Guides’ perspective;

-a channeled message from the Pleiadians;

-a full Transformational Healing process to heal past love situations that may be blocking you;

-encouragement from the Guides to create your idea of the 4 qualities needed in you and in your future or current partner.

To check out my full Love course, including the manifestation of your future partner session, click here.


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